Arias from Grand Opera translated into Klingon

by Konora the Klingon

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Now for the first time in Earth history, a collection of opera arias are available to own in Klingon! From the seductive Carmen to the passionate Tosca and formidable Queen of the Night, the most powerful women in opera are brought to life by the Klingon opera singer Konora of the house of Malok in her debut album.


released August 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Konora the Klingon Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Wij Tiq PoSmoH (Sampson et Dalila)

My heart opens at your voice wIj tIq poSmoH oy’ghogh daq
And birds open mouths Ej toQmey poSmoH nujDu'
And sing songs for the sun! Ej’ bom bommey pemHov’vad!
But, ah my beloved, 'ach toH wIj muSHa'
To cover my pain more So' wij Li’ latlh
Let your voice speak now! chaw' oy’ghogh jatlh DaH

Tell me that you are ja' jIH vetlh SoH 'oH
Coming to Delilah forever! choltaH Daq Delilah reH
Tell me with a cry ja' jIH tlhej SaQ
That you love me vetlh SoH muSHa' jIH
For I love you vaD jIH muSHa' SoH
Ah! Answer, answer my words ToH! Jang, jang wIj mu'mey
Make me full chenmoH jIH teblu'ta'
Make me full of delight! chenmoH jIH teblu'ta' vo' tIv!
Ah! Answer my words ToH! Jang, wIj mu'mey
Ah! Answer my words ToH! Jang, wIj mu'mey
Make me full of delight! ChenmoH jIH teblu'ta' vo' tIv!
Track Name: MuSha ghaH Lothqu' Toq (Carmen)
from Carmen

muSha ghaH lotlhqu' toq
vetlh ghobe' wa' laH tu'
ej SoH laH ja' ghaH Daq lI'be'
vaD ghaH ta'taH ghobe' neH Daq ghoS

pagh vum, SaQ be’ joq tlhobtaH ghach
wa' loD jatlhtaH QaQ,latlh ghaH tam
ach latlh ghaH 'Iv jIH neH
ghaH jatlhtaH pagh ‘ach jIH’rur ghaH

MuSHa muSHa muSha muSha
muSHa ghaH p’taK puq
'oH ta'taH ghobe' Sov chut
chugh SoH be’ muSHa',vaj jiH muSHa
Chugh jiH muSHa SoH taH ghuHmoHta'

hugh soH be’ muSHa
chugh soH be’ muSHa, vaj jiH muSHa
Chugh jiH muSHa SoH taH ghuHmoHta'!

toQ SoH tul Daq tu'
qIp Daj telDu' je puv DoH
muSHa' ghaH DoH SoH loS je loS
Ghorgh SoH ta'ghobe' tul Daq tu''oH
pa' ghaH!

Hoch retlh soH, SoH be’Sov chay'
ghaH choltaH,ghaH ghoSta' vaj choltaH
SoH 'uch 'ghaH, ghaH qettaH
SoH qettaH, ghaH 'uch 'SoH
MuSHa muSHa muSha muSha
Track Name: Gre'thor MuS MeQ (The Magic Flute)
GRE'THOR MUS MEQ (The Queen of the Night's Aria)
from The Magic Flute

Gre'thor muS meQ Daq wIj tIq
Hegh je QIH
Hegh, hegh, hegh je QIH meQ retlh jIH
meQ retlh jIH chugh
Sarastro ta'taH
Sarastro ta'taH
ghobe' tu' vegh SoH jaj vo' hegh

vaj SoH DIchDaq ghobe'
taH wIj puqbe'
Ah taH wIj puqbe'
Ah vaj SoH DIchDaq ghobe' taH wIj puqbe'

SoH DIchDaq taH quvHa'ta' reH
SoH DIchDaq taH chuH lItha' reH
Qaw'ta' reH DIchDaq taH
ghaH Hoch lIj quv

chuH lItha'
Ej Qaw'ta'
ghaH Hoch lIj quv

ghaH Hoch lIj quv
chugh ghobe' vegh SoH
Sarastro ghaH chIS tlhej Hegh
Qoy Qoy Qoy! Qunpu' vo' ruv
Qoy vam SoS mu'mey
Track Name: JiH Yinta' VaD Bom (Tosca)
from Tosca

jIH yInta' vaD bom
jIH yInta’ vaD musha
jIH ta'ta' ghobe HoH yIntaH loD

tlhej wIj mach ghop
jIH QaH ghotpu vetlh jIH Sov
tlhej HartaHghach
wIj qoy'taHghachmey
ghoSta' Daq le' lalDan qach
tlhej HartaHghach
jIH nobta' throbnI’ Daq QaQ SoS

Daq vam jaj jIH SaQ
qatlh qatlh toH joH('a')
qatlh ta' SoH pop jIH rur vam ?

jIH nobta' SuD baS vaD QaQ SoS
je jIH nobta' wIj bom Daq Hovmey,
Daq chal
je 'oH ghaHta' latlh 'IH vaD 'oH

Daq vam jaj jIH SaQ
qatlh qatlh toH joH'a'!
toH! qatlh ta' SoH pop jIH rur vam ?
Track Name: Ghorgh JiH YiT (La Boheme)
Ghorgh jIH yIT
Ghorgh jIH yIT mob qo'daq
Ghotpu mev je mulegh
Ej hoch tulegh
Ej hoch tulegh jIH’IH
vo’nach qamDaq

Vaj jItiv neH’ong
‘E’ choltaH chaj mInDu'daq
nuq legh jIH 'IhtaH ghach dun
vaj muSHa' larghlu jIH’doq

muchenmoH Quch
muchenmoH Quch

bI’qaw ej muSHa 'ach
bI’tlhe' DoH jIH’doq

jIH’SovvI QaQ
bI’neH So' ‘oy’Li’
bI’neH be’ vilegh
'ach bI’hot Hegh